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If you're reading this that means you're receiving a complimentary letterpress printed project, yay!


The content of the print is up to you to decide, it can be something fun or something you’ve been wanting for your business. Due to the vintage nature of letterpress, below are some technical Q&As with a couple of pictures of letterpress printed projects for inspiration.


If you have questions at any point feel free to email or call 440 381 2617


Looking forward to printing your project! 

What are some print ideas? 

- Business cards 2x3.5" (Qty 100)

- Flat card prints 3.5x5" such as thank you or product cards (Qty 50)

- Illustration/Art prints 3.5x5" (Qty 50)

- Personalized notecards 3.5x5" with matching white envelopes (Qty 25) 

- Printed tags 2x3.5" for clothing, jewelry, bottles or gifts (square corners only, Qty 75)

- Branded recycled #8 brown takeout paper bags (Qty 150)

Got another idea? Send it over and we’ll check if it works for this giveaway!


Are there any limitations to the print?

Artwork size/print area: up to 3x3”

Paper size (flat card): up to 3.5x5”  

One-sided single color ink printing and debossing/pressing (No ink is also an option)

If you have a specific pantone color or an approximate color you like, we’ll be happy to mix it for you.


What are the paper options?

(100% cotton sustainable recycled paper 110lb/20pt/300gsm)

- Bright white

- Regular White

- Blush

- Recycled #8 brown paper bags

Got your own paper or ready-made tags/bags? Let us know and we’ll check if they are machine friendly and print them for you with the artwork you send.


What is the best way to send the artwork file?

- Pdf outline with embedded fonts or .eps with type outlined

- Artwork should be one spot color (100% solid and not multiple layers)

- Lines should be thicker than 0.35pt and dots should have a diameter of at least 1.25pt

- Logos and illustrations should be in vector format for the highest quality results


*Upgrades such as double thick paper, printing more than one color, envelopes, die cutting, or foil stamping are not included. That being said, if you’d like to go for any upgrades we’ll be happy to send you an estimate for the extra options.

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