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Why go for letterpress instead of regular commercial printing?

Depth and texture

When you give someone a letterpress printed card and they run their finger across the dented impression or rotate the card to see how it changes in the light, that's when you know it was all worth it. That micro engagement with the card tells you that the person receiving it thought it was impressive enough to interact with it and that translates into their first impression of you.

Sustainability & Environmental Impact

We won't delve into all the beautiful and earth friendly papers that are used in letterpress in this post, however, it is definitely noteworthy when deciding on your next print project . Recycled paper, mostly of cotton fiber, is not only preferred but often an industry standard when it comes to letterpress due to the beautiful feel and its ability to take a good textured impression. By choosing letterpress you're getting a beautiful card and also positively contributing to your environmental impact.

Attention to details

The process of letterpress is by no means a walk in the park and requires years of technical training which results in an abundance of patience and attention to detail. Letterpress printers often catch mistakes/typos before they go into production, suggest certain papers that might be better for a specific project and even recommend some finishing options to help bring out your design. We tend to take things personal when it comes to print production since our name is embedded in each project, sometimes quite literally as it is in the above photo.

Keeping a traditional craft alive

Since Johann Gutenberg's first ever printing press, we've evolved into more efficient ways of replicating prints albeit without losing the traditional touch that has been beautifully kept alive and passed on through so many generations. Even the machines that are used are often more than 70 years old and have been maintained for decades. How does this relate to your card? Your card will be a product of all that history that will live on because of people like you and your appreciation of the arts.

Shadi Ayoub


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