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Hello and welcome!  

I’m Shadi Ayoub, founder of The 961 Collective, a letterpress printing studio in Cleveland that takes pride in using restored 1950s Heidelberg machines to produce high quality prints, be it through using letterpress ink or hot foil stamping. 

Letterpress products include but are definitely not limited to:

- Invitations & Announcement Cards

- Stationery (business cards, postcards, notecards, letterheads and notepads)

- Tags for jewelry, clothing, accessories and bottles/containers  

- Small packaging solutions (boxes, envelopes, pockets and wraps)

- Hangers

- Coasters

- Bookmarks

- Letterpress printed/ foil stamped Stickers

- Tickets, vouchers and coupons


Below is a small collection of some of  the work that was letterpress printed using the beautiful Heidelberg.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all and we can brainstorm some options together!

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